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Adjoining Owners

Grant of right-of-way

The Grant of right-of-way deed is made between the grantor and the grantee. In this Grant of right-of-way the grantor owns the land which is described and the grantee owns the adjoining land. Then in exchange for a sum which the grantee pays

Grant of right to use 1

The grant of right to use is the right which the grantor gives the grantee in consideration for payments which are made. When the grantee pays the grantor, he sells and gives the right to the grantee and the heirs to use the stairways

Grant of right to use 2

When there is a stairway which is on the street and this is needed as a way of exit as well as a way of entrance from the properties which are mentioned as well as if it is needed as a fronting on the street,

Future construction

In a future construction the grantor is the person who owns the lot and the grantor in exchange for some consideration agrees to give the grantee a joint driveway which will be made of concrete runways and which will have a suitable entrance

For automobiles

When one has an automobile and one wants an easement for automobiles for the passage as well as repassaging for automobiles for pleasure which is needed to the garage through the rear of the premises or the adjoining premises, this is done.

Expense of maintenance and effect of abandonment

In the expense of maintenance and the effect of abandonment, it is said that the parties as well as the successors of the parties of the title are all entitled to use the common driveway, which is present on the property.


The encroachment quit claim is a document where the recipient who is mentioned in the document has built some structure on the property which is mentioned in the encroachment quit claim document.

Encroachment – Trees or Bushes

The document which is titled Encroachment – Trees or bushes is a kind of agreement which is entered into by two parties. As per the agreement or the document, the details of the addresses of the parties are mentioned and it also states,

Determination of boundary by civil engineer

The determination of the boundary by a civil engineer is done, when the parties which have land or property which is adjacent to each other have a dispute between them with regards where the division line of the land needs to be.

Encroachment – Overhanging Eaves

This document is a legal document and is an agreement which is drawn up between two parties. As part of the agreement, the details of both parties as well as their addresses are mentioned. It also states that the houses of the two parties border the land of the other.

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