Encroachment – Trees or Bushes

Encroachment – Trees or Bushes

The document which is titled Encroachment – Trees or bushes is a kind of agreement which is entered into by two parties. As per the agreement or the document, the details of the addresses of the parties are mentioned and it also states, the name of the owner of the first part and the details of his property as well as the name of the owner of the second part and the details of his property.

The document informs that the second party has a property that is adjacent to the property of the first party ad that either a tree or a shrub which is in one of the other parties premises infringes into the property of the other person and the details of the infringement in terms of inches is mentioned. It is said that based on the agreement the aggrieved party allows the infringing trees or shrubs to extend beyond the lines of the property and this is in effect as well as holds good not only for the parties that sign the agreement but also for all their successors or their assignees.

As per the agreement, in case the infringing tree or the shrubs are eliminated, the agreement which was drawn up will then terminate.

This agreement is not only signed by both the parties which own the property which is adjacent to each other but also it is signed in the presence of witnesses and the details including the signatures of the witnesses are mentioned as well.

Encroachment - Trees Or Bushes Encroachment - Trees Or Bushes
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Sample Template Preview

Encroachment – Trees or Bushes

On ____________________, agreement was entered into by ______________________
residing at _________________________________, and ________________________
residing at _____________________________________________________________

A. _____________________ is the owner of property in _________________________
described as ___________________________________________________________.

B. ______________________ is the owner of property in ________________________
that borders the property described above, owned by ____________________________, and described as ________________________________________________________.

C. A tree or shrub on the property of _______________________________ infringes upon the property of _____________________________ described as ___________________ ____________________________________________________, by ________ inches.
________________________________ agrees that the infringing trees or shrubs owned by __________________________________ has the right to extend beyond the property line.

This agreement will hold true for all successors of both above-described lots.

Upon the elimination of the infringing tree or shrub, this agreement will terminate.

_________________________________________                 ____________________
Signature                                                                                     Date
_________________________________________                 ____________________
Witness                                                                                       Date