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Written Claims on Final Settlement

At the time of final settlement, which shall be only when all obligations and agreements, except as provided in this article, are fully carried out by subcontractor, subcontractor agrees to present in writing a full, detailed and itemized statement of his [her] claims and accounts, whether claimed under this contract or otherwise,

Timely Completion

When the subcontractor agrees to take up the contract and start working, he is required to complete all the work in the way the prime contractor requests him to do and that too needs to be done by a specific date. This agreement is entered into by both parties

Termination of Subcontract and Completion of Work by Contractor

Termination Of Subcontract And Completion Of Work By Contractor is the term used when the subcontractor completes his or her tasks given with all due diligence and does not delay his work or the work of the other subcontractors or even the contractor and all the tools,

Termination of Contract by Purchaser 2

You must ask your lawyer about the policy about termination of contract by purchaser. You must even ask the seller about the terms and condition that may apply if you at all change your mind and do not want to buy the property any more.

Termination of Contract by Purchaser

The time when you are buying a property is very crucial and it takes a lot of math and stress to decide which property to buy. Many a time even when you have finally decided to buy a certain property your mind remains in a dilemma whether you have made the right decision or not.

Termination of Contract by Owner

If contractor should be adjudged a bankrupt, or if he [she] should make a general assignment for the benefit of his [her] creditors, or if a receiver should be appointed on account of his [her] insolvency, or if he [she] should, except in cases recited

Subcontract To Build House

When it comes to building a home or a building as such you will always contact a general contractor to do the job. Even though you have given the work to the general contractor you cannot expect on general contractor to do the job. He hires certain other people to do different jobs like a carpenter,

Stock Exchange

The stock exchanges are the places where the traders and stock brokers can buy or sell the stocks of different companies. These stocks are known by the name of shares. There are many other financial instruments such as securities that can be issued and redemptions can be made.

Site Conditions

When a contractor is bidding for a construction project it is very important that the site conditions are checked and studied in detail. Almost all the construction project need to be assessed based on the condition of the site. You can bid for the project only when you know about the working conditions,

Purchase Order Form of Contract

In the case of real estate deals the buyer can issue a purchase order for the seller where in the buyer must mention the building or the house, its location and the money that has been agreed upon to be paid by the buyer to the seller. Also, the buyer must assume the purchase order form of contract

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