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Hotel and Motels

Rent, Property Taxes, Insurance

Maintain records of business properties and expenses involved with the help of online documents.When it comes to maintaining a commercial building for instance a hotel, then it becomes necessary to maintain a track of all the property revenues,

Receipt or Release of Personal Property

It means and signifies a situation when a guest in any hotel or motel is unable to repay his or her dues to such hotel or motel, then such hotel gets a right to seize or occupy the personal property of such guest. It is not uncommon for many guests to abuse

Notice to Vacate

The notice to vacate urges a guest at a hotel or motel to vacate the room in clear and straight forward terms. The notice is short and crisp, and conveys the urgency and graveness of the hotel or motel authority regarding the issue. If and when, guests cause problems or circumstances which are unacceptable to the hotel or motel authority, such a form can be used.


Parking services at hotels or residential properties are very important. It is necessary to keep a track of all the guideline that outlines the services of an employee or valet to maintain records for present and future references.


Telephone services are necessary for all and therefore when it comes to places providing telephone services, it becomes necessary to understand that each of the companies and organizations have employees and essential details to keep a track of.

Supporting Schedules-Rooms

Security Agreement

When it comes to security agreement forms it is necessary to have a complete understanding of what the terms and conditions are and how it affects both the parties. The borrower and lender have to be made aware of all legal existing rules so that there is no issue regarding the property or asset that has been marked as collateral. This is a very complicated document that has to be prepared properly so that there are no loopholes in the policies which may legally affect the parties later.

Safety Deposit Envelope Contract

When it comes to delivering cheques and packages or anything that is legally important then there are several envelopes that are required to make sure that when the deposit or delivery is being made, the courier is in no way responsible for any liabilities associated with the package.

Rentals and Other Income

Proposal to Erect Hotel to Be Leased

Construction of buildings is not an easy feat. The physical built of the place come s in later, because what is required first is a legal document stating that a place has been selected to construct a hotel or any other commercial building. All the details regarding to the property and the land has to be disclosed in the in the agreement proposal

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