Grant of right to use 2

What is the grant of right to use?

When there is a stairway which is on the street and this is needed as a way of exit as well as a way of entrance from the properties which are mentioned as well as if it is needed as a fronting on the street, it is necessary that it is kept and maintained in such a way that this staircase can be maintained by all the properties.

There are different details that are mentioned for the Grant of right-of-way. Those details are that the lot on which the stairway is built is used and occupied by a building which is on the lot and this building uses the stairway as a kind of portion for entry and exit.

As per the Grant of right-of-way the persons who own the properties need to maintain, repair and keep the staircase in a condition that it is usable by all and that there is no harm or danger which will come to any of the occupants of the properties by the usage of these stairways. It also needs to ensure that there will be no harm or danger which will come to those people who use the street as this stairway opens into the street.

The details mentioned in the Grant of right-of-way also mentions the details of the width of the stairway, the opening where it opens into the street, the entire address of where it is, the properties that use the stairway as an ingress as well as an egress.

Grant Of Right To Use
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Grant of right to use.

The stairway on _________ street used for purposes of ingress and egress to and from the properties previously mentioned, and fronting on _________ street in _________, shall be kept and maintained as a stairway for the use of all the properties mentioned, so long as the lot on which the stairway is now built is occupied by a building on the lot, of which building the stairway forms a part.