Determination of boundary by civil engineer

Determination of boundary by civil engineer

The determination of the boundary by a civil engineer is done, when the parties which have land or property which is adjacent to each other have a dispute between them with regards where the division line of the land needs to be. It is then that the parties which are in question agree to have a civil engineer whose name and firm is mentioned in the agreement, to come to their aid. What the civil engineer in question does is that he establishes as well as locates the division line which is there between the parties and this is then established as the true line of division for both the parties in question. For the purpose that the line is located, the engineer uses the assistance of the deed from the parties which are recorded in the deed book. As per the agreement, the civil engineer needs to even enter the page numbers of the deed book where the details are found as well as the details of the county where the records of deeds are written. The surveyor then uses this original deed in order to establish this line of boundary.

The engineer as per the agreement can also receive information as to the real location of the corner. For this purpose, the engineer needs to be sworn in and he is given a stipulated number of days of written notice before he begins locating the line. The engineer could also call for assistance and help in locating and establishing the line.

Determination Of Boundary By Civil Engineer
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Sample Template Preview

Determination of boundary by civil engineer.

There is a dispute between _________ and _________ as to the location of the division line between their lands, where _________.
It is agreed that _________, civil engineer of _________, shall establish and locate the division line between the parties, and establish and locate this as the true line between parties. For the purpose of locating the line it is agreed that engineer shall take and use the deed from _________ to _________, recorded in the deed book _________, page _________, of _________ County Records of Deeds. The surveyor shall have the use and benefit of the original deed for the purpose of establishing this line.
Engineer may further receive any authentic information as to the real location of the corner.
Engineer shall be sworn before acting and shall give to both parties _________ days’ written notice before beginning location of the line. Engineer may call to [his or her] assistance any help as may be necessary for the purpose of locating and establishing this line.