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What is the grant of right to use

The grant of right to use is the right which the grantor gives the grantee in consideration for payments which are made. When the grantee pays the grantor, he sells and gives the right to the grantee and the heirs to use the stairways which are constructed in a two story brick as well as stone building which the grantor has erected and which stands on the property. The details include the strip of land and informs of the amount of land that has been given the Grant of right-of-way.

In this Grant of right-of-way the conveyance is mentioned, the stairway details are mentioned and it also mentions if it is away or built into the wall or how many inches the stairway is from the wall. It also mentions the type of stairway as well. It also informs of the details off access from the building which are not present now but can be built in the future and the right to pierce the land so that some egress and ingress will be given to the grantee and his descendants.  This also specifically mentions that as part of the Grant of right-of-way the stairway needs to be kept in good condition as well as it needs to be repaired at his or her own expense and this is part of the deed. This is not only during the time of the grantee but also it extends to his or her heirs and those people whom he or she assigns in the future as well.

Grant Of Right To Use
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Sample Template Preview

Grant of right to use.

_________, in consideration of one dollar and other valuable consideration paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, hereby sells and conveys to _________[his or her], heirs and assigns, the right, privilege and easement to use the stairway constructed by _________, and now existing in [his or her] two-story brick and stone building erected by [him or her] and now standing on _________[describe property] and on a strip _________ feet wide by _________ feet deep described in the conveyance of _________, _________[date], which stairway is a width of _________ inches between walls, for all purposes of access to and egress from any building which may later be erected on the adjoining parcel described above, together with the right to pierce the wall erected on the south line of the strip at a place or places as may be necessary for the purpose of providing access or egress. _________ agrees to and with _________[his or her], heirs or assigns, to maintain the stairway at all times in good condition and repair at [his or her] own expense, and this shall constitute a covenant running with the land and binding on [his or her] heirs and assigns.