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Land Trust

Short Form

This is a form to give a proposal for any property that you are willing to purchase. You will need to give a full description of the property that is on sale. You will need to give the address where the property is located along with the price that you quote for and the means of the payment. It is a deal to make offer to purchase the newly constructed property. It is quick as it gives an offer to make new bids if the previous one is declined. It is flexible and is easy to use. There are many conditions that need to be fulfilled before the contract is made successfully.

Rental Agreement Forms Free Printable

The Free Rental Agreement (Generic) form is adopted while renting the house, apartment or townhouse. It is known to be a written agreement that needs to be adopted while renting even if the person who rents have a family.

Notice of Intent to Vacate

The notice to vacate urges a guest at a hotel or motel to vacate the room in clear and straight forward terms. The notice is short and crisp, and conveys the urgency and graveness of the hotel or motel authority regarding the issue. If and when, guests cause problems or circumstances which are unacceptable to the hotel or motel authority, such a form can be used.

Notice Nonpayment of Rent

A property is rented with an intention to earn. The process of lending a particular area benefits both the owner and the tenant. If the owner is benefited financially, the tenant is equally benefitted from that particular place which he can use as per his requirement.

Deed In Trust-General Form

The deed in trust general form states all the rights and duties, privileges and obligations of the immediate and the successive trustees. The form is divided into several clauses specifying all the conditions of the deeds, its criterion and limitations.

With Transferable Certificates of Beneficial Interest

This agreement made _________[date], between _________[name], of _________[address], referred to as beneficiaries, and _________[corporate name], a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of _________, referred to as trustee.

Trustee’s Certification

[Name of trustee] certifies that it is trustee under the terms of a certain trust agreement dated _________ and known as trust number _________ and that the attached is a true and correct copy of the trust agreement establishing this trust.


Generally you would want that the property remains in the good hands and is protected for the sake of your beneficiaries. This is important and that is why a formal agreement like that of trust agreement is signed between you and the trustees.

Tenant Information

At most times, the landlord is not known to the tenant and vice versa. Therefore, the landlord needs to ask the tenant certain pertinent questions before allocating the house to him or her. Some of the details are what normally one will ask in the course of conversation but some may escape being asked.

Resolution of Board of Directors

Are you planning to prepare a Resolution of Board of Directors agreement and looking to hire a good attorney to prepare this agreement without any legal jargons? No worries. There are many professional resolution of board of directors’

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