For automobiles

For Automobiles – What are the details

When one has an automobile and one wants an easement for automobiles for the passage as well as repassaging for automobiles for pleasure which is needed to the garage through the rear of the premises or the adjoining premises, this is done.

There are also cases of reciprocal easements which are needed for automobiles. In such cases, the properties have common boundary lines. The parties of both these adjacent properties want to create reciprocal driveways which are for automobiles easements. This is so that it is used by them in common.

In this case, the deed states that the right for use is given to both parties and both can use a certain area which is demarcated and thus the strip of land which is demarcated becomes a driveway which is reciprocal and can be used for automobiles and it helps for their entrance as well as exitway.

The deed also states that there is a representation and a convenant made between both parties for the land which is between half of each of the person’s properties and it is on the side of each of their boundaries. As per the deed the parties need to maintain only that easement which falls in their side of the boundary and not of the easement which falls in the boundary of the other person. Each person also needs to ensure that their portion is free from all sorts of obstructions at the side which lies in their property so that there is no problem for automobiles.

For Automobiles

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Sample Template Preview

For automobiles.

Together with an easement for passage and repassage for pleasure automobiles only to the garage on the rear of the premises over the northerly four feet of the premises adjoining the premises on the south.