Encroachment Quit Claim

The encroachment quit claim is a document where the recipient who is mentioned in the document has built some structure on the property which is mentioned in the encroachment quit claim document.

As per the document, the entire length of one of the walls of this structure which has been built is on the property which is owned by the sender of the document. Therefore, the sender accepts that he receives the sum which has been agreed upon by him and the recipient and in exchange, the sender relinquishes whatever rights he has to the land whose dimensions as well as description is mentioned in the details of the document. This is the land on which the structure which has been constructed by the recipient is on.

As per this document, the contract will hold good not only during the lifetime of the parties but also for the successors of the parties that are involved. Hence at a later date neither can the owner of the property or his or her successors claim that the structure or the part of the structure which is on their land be removed as it is illegally constructed.

This document is signed not only by the recipient but also by the sender. This is also witnessed by a third party and that person’s signature is mentioned on the document along with the date, therefore there is no question of any sort of ambiguity or any foul play which is involved with regards the document or it’s contents.

Encroachment Quitclaim

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Sample Template Preview


The recipient, ________________________, has built a structure on _________________
land, located at _______________________________.  The entire length of one wall of this structure is located on the property of the sender.

After receiving the amount of ______________ ($______), the sender will relinquish to the recipient all rights to the piece of land of the following dimensions and description: ______
____________________________________________________________, on which the recipient’s structure is built.

This contract will hold true for the successors of all parties involved.

_____________________________                                   ______________________
Signature of Sender                                                               Date

_____________________________                                   ______________________
Signature of Recipient                                                            Date

_____________________________                                   ______________________
Signature of Witness                                                              Date