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Adjoining Owners

CHECKLIST Selling on an option

When you are selling the lease option you must be aware if the problems that can be faced by you while dealing with the lease option buyer so there is a checklist selling on an option. The checklist must contain the following items

Use of strip of both owners as passageway

When a land or a property is blocked in such a way by another property that there is no access to the main road without entering the other property there is a deal made between the two property owners which will let the strip of land to be used as a passageway

Use of lot as passageway

When a lot is situated between two properties and is in a strategic position from where the access to the main road can be gained only through the vacant lot, then the vacant lot is assigned for the purpose of the passageway for a certain period of tie or forever

Use of Lot As Passageway 2

There are many litigations in the civil court which are related to a small lot of land which is lying vacant and several people trying o get hold of it. The court of law is always trying to give out judgements that are in the favour of the person who is not guilty.

Use of driveway

The driveway is a road or access to the smaller parts of your property. Many a time people such as your neighbours may need to cross your driveway or use your driveway in order to reach their home because you may have a larger property in your name.

Survey to settle lost or disputed boundaries 2

The value of land as an asset cannot be demeaned. It is one of the most valuable assets and this is why if there is any type of dispute between you and your neighbour regarding the boundary of your land then it is most likely that your relationship with

Survey to settle lost or disputed boundaries

The land is such an investment that is dear to all because this is the only investment that always stays where it is. The generations may change but the land does not change even an inch. This makes it the most reliable form of investment for one and all.

Strip to be left vacant

An agreement for deed (otherwise known as area contract) is a technique for offering a property in which the dealer funds some segment of the price tag. The purchaser regularly gives an initial instalment and makes portion instalments

Strip to Be Left Vacant 3

The idea of paying for something on the portion arrangement is recognizable to everyone. Rather than paying the whole cost of a thing in advance, you pay somewhat after some time, more than a while or years. Individuals generally buy things,

Strip to Be Left Vacant 2

Offering your own particular home can spare you cash. However, there are exchange offs and things to remember. “Available to be purchased by Owner” is frequently alluded

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