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Adjoining Owners

Provision as to future removal or destruction of building

The buildings are meant to stand for several tens of years. But due to the forces of nature as well as the natural destruction process the building in due course of time may become useless and dangerous. It is at this time that the demolition of building

Promise to pay assessment

When a construction is bound to happen there are many things and people that are needed. Not everything can be arranged by one person so it becomes important that a contractor is hired who will be able to bring together all the materials and workmen

Petition for improvement of street

Many a time the streets and the sidewalks that lie on the outskirts of the city remain unattended and are hardly improved upon to match the standards of the city that is expanding continuously. This is a thing of concern and the property owners in this area may

Passageway use

When you’re attempting to offer your home, you may need to do as such as fast as could reasonably be expected. Some motivations to offer for money may incorporate staying away from dispossession, insolvency, other monetary challenges, keeping away from the requirement for a Realtor,


When excavation of the land is to be carried out at a place where a boundary already exists and it does not belong to you but to your neighbour and divides the two property, then you are supposed to give your neighbour notice to excavate along

Ninety-nine-year term

A ninety nine year lease as per the historic common law is the longest term that is possible to lease out property for. In today’s world however, it is no longer applicable in most common law jurisdictions. However, these ninety nine year lease still

Joint driveway agreements and grants

The Joint driveway agreements and grants is a deed which is executed by the grantor of a property to the grantee of the property. As per the deed of the Joint driveway agreements and grants it is stated that the grantor allows the grantee to use

Joint Driveway Agreements and Grants 4

The Joint Driveway Agreements and Grants are documents which serve as documented evidence and these are usually agreements which are made between the government and the signors who are usually the owners of the property.

Joint Driveway Agreements and Grants 3

The Joint Driveway Agreements and Grants are made between two parties and in exchange for some consideration which is given, one of the parties grants the other, as well as his or her heirs the use of a portion of the ground which is off the cardinal point

Joint driveway agreements and grants 2

There are different kinds of deeds for Joint driveway agreements and grants. One of these  is executed by both the grantor and the grantee and in which along with the dates that the deed is executed and the details of the grantor and grantee

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