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Land Contracts


Lead is an important element in nature, but it is harmful for human health. Thus, for everyone, either a child or an adult, it is very much important to make their environment free from lead. For acquiring the lead free environment you should select FREE LEAD PAMPHLET FORM through which you can get that how to secure your family from this harmful element lead.

Gift Letter for Buyer from Family Member

There is no greater feeling than receiving a gift from someone very near and dear. Planning to buy a home is a dream for almost every person. Owning a house in a decent and nice place is probably the best thing that can happen.


Purchase and sale of property is not something new. You must have sold or purchased property before. The whole process of buying and selling is quite complicated and both the parties need to go through complicated legal process.


While selling a property to a buyer, the Bill of Sale plays an important role. It is very important to have this bill of sale prepared by you. The Bill of Wale clearly mentions the transactions and handing over of the property from a ‘first party’ to a ‘second party’.

QUIT CLAIM DEED – Land Contracts

It is a deed that is used to transfer interest in the property that is real. The entity that is transferring the interest is known to be as the Grantor while the receiver is said to be as Grantee. It is the means of transferring ownership. This is a form where property transfers its ownership without selling the property. There is no money involved in the transfer. There is no title insurance as well as there is no title search to verify ownership.


The free contract of deed form is basically a tool that qualifies people to purchase property. Many buyers are denied loans due to possession of black money or legal issues. The contract of deed acts as a super fast financing option for them to make an agreement with the seller, in order to purchase a particular property or asset.

Weekly Property Checklist-Land Contracts

When you want to sell your property there is a lot of work that has to be done. The first and the foremost thing is to make the decision to sell your property. When you have made up your mind you must make sure that your property


When you are selling your property you need to make it clear that whatever you are selling belongs to you and you are selling the property at your will. This is an important document that prevents any kind of forceful buying and selling


Occasionally we are asked by potential clients to provide references. We’ve found that a short statement from prior clients will often suffice in proving our credibility and allows us to avoid asking for permission to share your name and telephone number.


When a person wants to purchase a piece of land he or she may want to do it on the instalment credit basis. It is here that truth in lending applies. The buyer must be given a statement known as truthinlending that includes the disclosure

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