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Land Trust

Resignation Of Trustee And Appointment Of Successor Trustee

Are you looking for the Resignation of Trustee and Appointment of Successor Trustee templates? Then, you can find the professional templates in online or otherwise you can hire an attorney to get these papers prepared

Protection of Third Parties Dealing with Trustee

Trust property is solely used for social service. Generally, a few people will transfer their property to the trustee name to help the people in need. The real-estate property that is transferred to the trustee name is termed as trust property.

PP Trust

Are you planning to prepare a Personal protection Trust Agreement? Then, you can either hire a professional attorney or download the templates from the internet to prepare the agreement by yourself instead of forking out money

Pet Agreementm (Addendum to the Rental Agreement)

Many homeowners will not allow the pets of the tenants to keep at their homes. However, it is important for you to discuss before getting your pets to the rented home. Most importantly to avoid the tiff with your owner in the near future,


A land trust 2104 is a private agreement where the title of the property is held by another person for the benefit of the beneficiary, i.e., the actual owner of the property. There are ample templates for LT 2104 found in the internet.

Land Trust Agreement

A land trust agreement is a legal document where the trustee is the one that holds the legal title and this is for all the property which is held in the trust and the beneficiary of the trust is the LLC. This means that the beneficiaries get to use


When there is a land trust agreement which has been drawn up there are various land trust addendum which are added to it. These additions are added for certain reasons or to clarify certain points which were not mentioned in the original document.

General Direction for Trustee

The general direction for trustee is a legal document in which the trustee is informed in writing by a legal document that either a mortgage or a trust deed or the amount of a certain value is to be assigned for rent or for a lease period

Direction to Convey

When a person wants to take their property out of the land trust, they need to complete a legal document which is known as direction to convey. This document has to be signed by all the people who have the power of direction as well

Deposit Receipt and Agreement

A deposit receipt and agreement is a legally binding agreement between the seller and purchaser. In which the purchaser gives the seller an initial deposit and this is held till the agreement is executed. Then it is deposited in escrow.

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