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Land Trust

DeedtoTrustee[1]-Land Trust

A deed to trustee is simple way that the title is transferred to the new owner. Infact deed to trustee is used when the home loan is made secure by means of a deed of trust. In this kind of agreement there are three parties.

Deed Subject To – Land Trust

Liens described as part of the Consideration and any other liens described in this  deed as being either assumed or subject to which title is taken; validly existing easements, rights-of-way, and prescriptive rights of record; all presently recorded and validly existing restrictions, reservations, covenants, conditions, oil and gas leases, mineral interests outstanding in persons other than Grantor, and other instruments, other than conveyances of the surface fee estate,

Declaration of Appointment of Successor Trustee Where Agreement

When the person who is the trustee does not qualify to be a trustee or if the trustee is not able to serve or if the trustee resigns from being a trustee or even if the trustee is not designated in the trust deed, it is up to the beneficiary to create

Complex Beneficiary Agreement

A complex beneficiary agreement is made so that the property is managed well and this takes into account all the promises and covenants made by all the parties.

Commercial Lease

When undertaking a commercial lease there are few terms that need to be understood so that it is easier to negotiate the terms and conditions of the lease.

Combined Inter Vivos and Land Trust

When the title to the real estate is taken by the trustee the trustee has to hold this and use it for the purpose which is stated in the trust. If there is any other property which has been given to the trustee and is not mentioned in the Combined

Certificate of Partnership

When there is a trust and this trust applies to all the partners who as per the trust are considered beneficiaries, the certificate of partnership is given. In this agreement where there is a partnership, all of the partners are considered


When a property is overseen by someone else who manages it so that the beneficiaries are benefitted it is called a trust agreement and the person who oversees this for the beneficiaries is called a trustee.

Assignment of Beneficial Interest in a Trust

There are various advantages that are there when a person holds a property in a trust and not in the name of a person. This helps in easing the transfer of the interest. This is a great tool for those people who are investors in real estate.

As Security for Loan

When the assignor or the owner of a property grants security interest and assigns to the bank as well as the successors and signs the interest of the assignor which is under the trust agreement, then the proceeds of the mortgages, sales, rentals

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