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Land trust addendum – what is it

When there is a land trust agreement which has been drawn up there are various land trust addendum which are added to it. These additions are added for certain reasons or to clarify certain points which were not mentioned in the original document.

For example, a land trust addendum which is added to the sale deed could state that the settlement will be done and the title will be transferred and the property will be taken in a trust by the purchaser. The land trust addendum can add that the seller is aware that the amount of the loan will not be paid fully and that both the seller and the purchaser are aware of the mortgages.

These land trust addendums are written so that all kinds of easements are strengthened and the enforcement of these easements can be improvement further. This helps in enforcing as well as in protecting of these easements for long term and against all sorts of unforeseen circumstances when they crop up as these provide guiding principles.

These land trust addendums inform of what are the amendments and what should be the laws which are applicable as well as the requirements which should be applied as well. These land trust addendums are consistent with the main body of the documents and they do not jeopardize the main document, it’s purpose, aim or in any way contradicts it. It is meant for conservation as well as consistency of easement and so that it lends clarity to all parties concerned.

Land Trust Addendum Land Trust Addendum