General Direction for Trustee

What is meant by general direction to the trustee

The general direction for trustee is a legal document in which the trustee is informed in writing by a legal document that either a mortgage or a trust deed or the amount of a certain value is to be assigned for rent or for a lease period for a certain period of either months or years and that too with the amount specified, this is to be submitted along with the proof of loss to an insurance company or it could be for an easement to a certain person or a contract awarded to a certain person as a buyer or a seller. This is normally accompanied by the details of the address of the property and the legal description and the title commitment which is given along with if that property is recorded under the torrens system. It also mentions the permanent tax number and the details of who the letter is to be issued to, the proceeds need to be paid to as well as any other instructions which need to be mentioned.

This general direction for trustee also informs of the delivery to the trustee or his agents who will pick up the letter on his or her behalf at whatever address is specified and who the letter has been delivered to.

This general instructions for trustee is signed by the beneficiaries and it is by this means that they control the details of the property in question and the trustee just acts on their instructions and their directions.

General Direction For Trustee

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Sample Template Preview

General direction for trustee.
General Direction

_________[Name and address of trustee]
Dated _________
You are authorized and directed to execute and deliver the following described document, a copy of which is attached to this general direction, in your capacity as Trustee under your Trust No. _________.
Description of document: _________[describe document, for example: mortgage or trust deed and note in the amount of $_____ dated _________ to _________(name) of Assignment of Rents to _________(name)   dated _________   or Lease to _________(name)   as _________(Lessee or Lessor)   for a term of _________(months or years)   with a _________(monthly or annual)   rental in the amount of $_____   or Proof of Loss to _________(name of insurance company)   on policy number _________   for $_____   or plat of subdivision for _________(description or name)   or Easement to _________(name)   dated _________   or Contract to _________(name)   as _________(buyer or seller)   dated _________   or describe other documents].
Address of property: _________
Legal description: _________
Title commitment: _________
Is this property recorded under the Torrens system? _________
Permanent tax number: _________
Issue letter to: _________
To pay proceeds to: _________
Other instructions: _________
_________[Indicate delivery to trustee, for example: trustee’s agents, _________(name), will pick up or mail to Trustee at _________(address)].
Delivered to: _________
Dated _________.
[Signature of Beneficiary]
Received the above documents.
Dated _________.
[Signature of Trustee or Trustee’s agent]