Direction to Convey

How is property taken out of the land trust

When a person wants to take their property out of the land trust, they need to complete a legal document which is known as direction to convey. This document has to be signed by all the people who have the power of direction as well as all the people who are collateral holders. That is if there are any collateral holders of the property. On the direction of the owner of the property, a trustee deed is prepared and the owner as well as the attorney is needed to record the deed this is done with the county.

The direction to convey informs that as a trustee under the requisite trust number the person is authorized that they can execute and deliver the trustees deed and the details of the grantee are mentioned along with details of if they are joint tenants, tenants by entirety or tenants based on a % of interest as they are common tenants or any other kind of grantee. The details of the grantee including their address and the consideration which is shown and actual are recorded and post this it is specifically mentioned that the property will either not remain or remain in the trust after this direction to convey has been accepted.

If the property continues in the trust then all remittances need to be prepared and it needs to be paid along with any other documents which need to be executed.

This document has then got to be subsequently notarized in order for it to be considered legal and binding.

Direction To Convey
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Sample Template Preview

Direction to convey.

_________[Name and address of trustee]
You are authorized and directed to execute and deliver your Trustee’s Deed, in your capacity as trustee under your trust number _________ as follows:
Date of trustee’s deed _________.
Names of grantees _________[add if applicable: as joint tenants].
County and State of residence of grantees _________.
Consideration to be shown in deed $_____ and other good and valuable considerations.
Actual consideration $_____.
Legal description: _________.
Street address, if improved _________.
Subject to: _________[add here encumbrances, for example, easements and mortgages].
Deliver to _________[name and address].
Dated _________.
[Signature of beneficiary or other
holder of power of direction]
Received the above described trustee’s deed.
Dated _________.
[Signature of trustee]