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Pet Agreementm (Addendum to the Rental Agreement)

Pet Agreementm (Addendum to the Rental Agreement)

Various terms and conditions to be agreed by tenants to keep pets

Many homeowners will not allow the pets of the tenants to keep at their homes. However, it is important for you to discuss before getting your pets to the rented home. Most importantly to avoid the tiff with your owner in the near future, it is vital for you to make Pet Agreementm (Addendum to the Rental Agreement).This agreement has to be prepared while preparing the rental agreement. You can either hire an attorney or can download the best Pet Agreementm (Addendum to the Rental Agreement) from the internet and prepare the agreement by yourself instead of shelling out money for the attorneys. After preparing the agreement, both the tenants and the owners have to read the terms and conditions thoroughly prior to signing on it. As per the rental agreement rules, the tenant is not supposed to keep the pet with them without the permission of the building owner. Here are a few terms and conditions that the tenants should be agreed to in order to keep their pet in the rented home

  • Tenants have to keep their pet under control all the time
  • Tenants should tie the pets with chains when they keep the pets outside the home to avoid their pets harming the neighbors
  • Tenants should abide to the local ordinances
  • Tenants are not supposed to leave their pet outside at any time. The tenant has to keep a tab on their pets all the time when they leave outside
  • Tenants should clean the potty of the pets and dispose the waste neatly and quickly
  • Tenants are not supposed to leave food or water for their pets outside the home, since this may give room for the other animals to enter the building premises
  • Tenants are liable for the damages that are made by the pets to walls, interior or exterior of the building, tiles, carpeting, etc. They should pay the compensation for all the damages made by their pets to restore them back to the original position

Pet Agreementm (Addendum To The Rental Agreement)

Pet Agreementm (Addendum To The Rental Agreement)


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