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Sales and Exchanges

Soil and Groundwater Tests·Seller’s Warranty·No Toxic Contam

While buying a real estate property, buyers take a lot of factors into consideration and condition of soil and groundwater is one of them. People would obviously buy a piece of land that is perfect in terms of both soil and groundwater.

Showing Title By Abstract Or Title Policy

Title insurance in the real estate industry is an age old concept. But it was originated from abstract policy. Abstract is nothing but the summary of information regarding the property’s ownership history.

Sellerís Right to Reserve Crop

When the property has been sold or there is a contract to sell a piece of land, especially if the land has crops growing on it or is agricultural land, there are certain rights of the seller.


In a traditional home purchase method, the potential buyer approaches the seller not to lease property but to ask for its ownership after accepting the offer in question. But what does the potential buyer do in case he doesn’t have the necessary

Sale Of Ranch, Farm Or Vacant Land

An agreement is a must while selling or buying a house, office or a piece of land. When it comes to selling a farm, ranch or vacant land, the case is no different. An agreement has to be prepared with all the essential points included

Sale of Ranch for Real Estate Development

Sales of Ranches, especially in the United Sates are taking a drastic turn in the real estate development sector. A lot of these ranches are being sold nowadays. To be more precise, a ranch is a large farm area used for breeding cattle

Rights outstanding, reservations and conditions

Rights outstanding, reservations and conditions, are simple a legal document or notice that is sent to a tenant before he/she can occupy the landlords place. All the terms and conditions are mentioned in this notice.

Residential Property Sale Contingent Upon Buyer Obtaining

A most important priority for the real property buyers are mortgage contingent clause or otherwise called loan clause. To be more precise, it is called as the provision for buying a home property contract. This states that if the buyer is unaware

Reimbursement in part by purchaser

Reimbursement is a very important document or a legal notice to the buyer, demanding the re-payment of money to the sellers. Reimbursement in part by purchaser, is a very important document that the buyer has to tackle,


With the growing population and technology, a lot of property had been vacated and been left abandoned for years. An abandoned property is nothing but a property that is left uninhabited for few days or years. Thus,

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