Sellerís Right to Reserve Crop

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Seller’s right to reserve crop

When the property has been sold or there is a contract to sell a piece of land, especially if the land has crops growing on it or is agricultural land, there are certain rights of the seller.

As per the terms of agreement between the buyer and the seller, even when the land has been sold to the purchaser, for the crops that are already growing on the land both the seller and the buyer come to an agreement which states that not only is the seller allowed to enter the premises at the time of harvesting, but he or she is also allowed to remove the harvest from the property. The seller has the right to the crop which is growing on the soil and even the crops which are already severed from the ground at the time of the signing of the contract or the land changing hands. As per this, agreement which is drawn up, the seller also is given the rights to the crops that have been harvested and are currently stored on the premises.

As a result of the agreement, the seller can not only collect and move the crops and the grain or vegetables that are harvested and stored on the property, but even those that have not been harvested and are still growing, once they mature, can be collected by him and he has the exclusive rights to it.

However, this only applies to crops and it applies to a definite time frame before which the entire exercise needs to be completed.

Sellerís Right To Reserve Crop

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