Report of abandoned property

With the growing population and technology, a lot of property had been vacated and been left abandoned for years. An abandoned property is nothing but a property that is left uninhabited for few days or years. Thus, these abandon properties can be reassigned to their owners by a way of filing a report. A report can be filled by the landlord or the holder to the government in order to gain back his/her property. The holder has all the rights to file a complaint of abandoned property, if he or she cannot find the owner or the landlord of that particular property.

The holder or the landlords have the privilege of either registering a electronic report or by a paper report. The holders can file a electronic report via the NAUPC format. A paper report by the holder can be accomplished by a clean summary report, a detailed report, a safe deposit box report, unknown report and with the certificate of the holder regarding the abandoned property. These reports have a great priority and are checked instantly by the officials. Inactive bank accounts, unused gift cards, undelivered stocks and even mutual funds can be reported via electronically or by a paper report. Thus, enabling the officials to get a clear picture of the problem and the report.

The revenue department has made several steps to solve these reports immediately as a part of their work. These are some serious reports and can be an economic crisis if not looked upon.

Report Of Abandoned Property
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Sample Template Preview


Pursuant to _____________________________________________  (applicable statute)

I _____________________________________________ of ____________________ ___________________________ (company making report) have unclaimed property from:________________________________________________________________.
The abandoned property was incurred as ____________________________________
___________________________________________ (include location and description).

______________________________________ (Signature)                       ______________________________________ Date