Rights outstanding, reservations and conditions

Rights outstanding, reservations and conditions

Rights outstanding, reservations and conditions, are simple a legal document or notice that is sent to a tenant before he/she can occupy the landlords place. All the terms and conditions are mentioned in this notice. This is a very vital notice that has to be taken into consideration, as the landlords and house owners might have a lot of different options and conditions, to maintain a strict discipline and decorum within their premises. The tenants would be given a notice to immediately vacate the property, if the tenant does not obey these terms and conditions.

Each landlord might have different set of reservations and conditions depending on his/her set of mind, just like people say that ‘all the fingers aren’t same’. These conditions include payment methods, arrival and departure of the tenant, parking for the tenants, Internet usage, allowance of pets, smoking inside the premises and using illegal substances inside the property. These are some common rules and conditions that are put up by the landlords to their tenants.

The landlords have all the rights to include or decline any reservation or conditions irrespective of the tenant. The owner or the landlords have all the rights to complain about the tenant to the government officials for immediately vacating the property, if the tenant fails to follow these conditions. A tenant has to think twice before entering into the property for the well-being and the happiness of his/her family members. Thus, making the notice as a priority to the tenants as well as the owners.

Rights Outstanding, Reservations And Conditions

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Sample Template Preview

Rights outstanding, reservations and conditions.

The sale and conveyance of the property shall be made subject to the following outstanding rights, reservations and conditions:
1. Existing easements for public roads, highways, utilities, railroads and pipelines, if any, whether or not shown of record.
2. Such easements include, but are not limited to easements granted to the _________ Electric Light & Power Company, the _________ Railway Company and the city of _________, _________.
3. Rights, if any, of _________ Steel Company under the Easement Agreement recorded in the office of the Records of Deeds for _________, _________, in Book _________ at Page _________.
4. Easement in favor of _________ Electric Company under Contract No. _________ expiring _________[date].
5. License in favor of _________ under Contract No. _________.
6. Parcel _________ is subject to rights of _________ Manufacturing Company under Lease No. _________ and _________ of _________ Products Company, under Lease No. _________.
7. Except as expressly conveyed in this agreement, this conveyance is made and accepted on the basis that Grantee shall have no right of use, license, easement, servitude, or usufruct for any purpose, by necessity or otherwise, express or implied, on, over or under any of the property of the seller. By acceptance of this conveyance Grantee covenants for h?self and assigns that no such right or interest will ever be asserted by reason of this conveyance to Grantee. This covenant shall run with the land.