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Lease Options

Sample Lease Expiration and Renewal Letter – Standard-Lease Options

The Sample Lease Expiration And Renewal Letter is a letter which is written by the landlord where he or she mentions that the current lease will expire in the near future and that the lease would be renewed for a further period of a year.

Sales Thank You and Gift Certificate Letter-Lease Options

The Sales Thank You And Gift Certificate Letter is given by the company which helps the owner in purchasing the property or the house. In the Sales Thank You And Gift Certificate Letter he or she mentions that they are happy that they were chosen by the owner

Repair Addendum – Lease Options

When the house is to be sold and the seller and buyer accept the terms and conditions, they enter into something which is called as the Sale Agreement. However, there is normally a Repair Addendum that is added to the sale agreement.


The Rental Property Periodic Inspection Report is a report which informs and documents all the maintenance habits of the tenants. This Rental Property Periodic Inspection Report is used to stop any bad habits or if there is any neglect or any abuse done to the property as a result of the bad habits of the tenants.


The Rental Property Mao Worksheet gives details of the address of the property, the annual rental value which is got from the comps, the CMAs as well as other tools which are used for appraisals. It consists of the costs which are incurred to get in as well as out of the property.


When a person applies for a rental property and states that they have pets, then the landlord needs to get as much information as possible so that a proper decision can be made. The Rental Pet Application form is easily available on the net but it can also be changed as per what is needed by the landlord.


I declare the statements above are true and correct, and I authorize verification of references and a consumer credit check. I agree to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE processing and credit check fee of $25.00 per applicant.

Release of Option — MUTUAL RELEASES-Lease Options

The Release Of Option – Mutual Releases means that both the parties in question have no more claims, contracts, demands, agreements, proceedings or liabilities from teach other. They mutually as well as reciprocally not only forgive, acquit but also discharge


The Property Loan Info Verification Sheet consists of various details such as the date of the loan, the amount of the loan, the type of the loan – is it a FHA, VA, Con or non –con, the date of maturity of the loan, what is the rate of interest being paid and the balance of the principal that is outstanding.

Pro-Landlord Monster Lease

The Pro-Landlord Monster Lease is a document which states that the lease agreement is between the landlord and the tenant for a stipulated period of time. Once the time elapses called as the date of surrender, unless the contract is terminated sooner or extended,

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