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Lease Options

Preliminary Credit Application – Lease Options

The Preliminary Credit Application states not only the name and phone number as well as address of the applicant but also the number of years he or she is living there, the payment amounts, the details of the landlord’s name and address, the employers name and address

power of atty

A Power of Attorney is a legal document which is drawn out so another person can act on behalf of you. A legal relationship is created wherein the principal is you and the person who is appointed is the agent or the attorney in fact. A Power of Atty specifies

perf mortgage addendum-Lease Options

Perf mortgage addendum is a continuation of the price as well as the terms of the purchase agreements this is between the seller as well as the buyer for the property. This includes the buyer’s mortgage financing as the mortgage financing is very important in the transaction.

option money note

Option Money is the fee that is paid by the buyer to the seller for the right to terminate the contract for a period of time which is also known as the option period. The fee depends on the terms of the contract and the home price. During this period of time,

Option Agreement for Lease With Option to Buy

An Option Agreement for lease with option to buy is also known as a Lease purchase option or a Lease Option. It gives the tenant the right so that he can buy the rental property during the lease term. The tenant is allowed to gain credit for the price of purchase for every rental payment which is done in time.

New Property or New Tenant Info-Lease Options

The New Property Or New Tenant Info like it’s name suggests gives details regarding the properties and tenants. It has various details in it like the name of the person preparing the document, the address as well as the approximate annual rental value.

Mortgage Broker Submission-Lease Options

A mortgage broker has a number of responsibilities. He enquires about the financial situation, requirements and objectives of the consumer in relation to the credit contract. A mortgage broker then finds out if the credit product is suitable or not and then the consumer

loan authorization

A loan authorization letter is given by one person to anyone they trust and this is authority which is being transferred that the person who it is entrusted to will take care of the loan and sign wherever it is necessary.


The limited warranty deed is a document which is made between the state and the parties which are also referred to as Grantees. The state in exchange for cash and other considerations, acknowledges, grants, sells as well as bargains the property to the grantee.

lender letter

Many a time you may like a property so much so that you want to buy it but the problem is the finance. There are two problems that the buyers face while choosing to buy a property

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