Rental Pet Application

What are the details of the Rental Pet Application

When a person applies for a rental property and states that they have pets, then the landlord needs to get as much information as possible so that a proper decision can be made. The Rental Pet Application form is easily available on the net but it can also be changed as per what is needed by the landlord.

What needs to be understood is that the word pet does not mean a service, guide or even a support animal as those service animals are needed by those who are specially abled in order to help them continue living as a normal person.

A pet is any animal, insect, rodent, reptile, fish or bird which is kept by the person.

The Rental Pet Application form consists of details including if the animal is defined by the ADA or as a pet. The name of the animal, the type (sheep, dog, bird etc), the weight and age of the animal, if it is neutered as well as sprayed, if the vaccinations are current or not, the details of the veterinarian including his address and phone number, the details of the license number of the animal, details of if there were lawsuits against the animal due to injuries caused to others, if there is a renters insurance which covers the pet and if the person does not have insurance cover, will they be ready to get an insurance cover. The details also include the emergency contact information for the pet as well.



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Sample Template Preview

Rental Property Pet Application

Today’s Date:_________________________________________________

Tenant’s Name:_______________________________________________

Rental Address:_______________________________________________

Animal Type:  [ ] Dog – Breed:_____________    [ ] Cat   [ ] Other:_________

Male [ ]   Female  [ ]        Age of Pet:_________________________________

What is the pet’s name?_____________How much does the pet weigh?_____

Where does the pet stay during the day?____________________________

Where does the pet sleep at night?_________________________________

Has the pet been spayed/neutered?________________When?___________

Is the pet up to date on all shots?__________________________________

Pet’s Veterinarian Name:________________________Phone:___________

What is the rabies tag number?____________________________________

I,___________, attest that all of the information provided above is true and correct. I understand that my pet deposit of $250.00 is for this application only and if approved by management is non-refundable. A new application and another pet deposit of $250.00 is required, and must be approved by management, before any additional pets are brought onto the premises.  I understand that at no time may an animal be tied to a leash or chain and left unattended in the yard. I further understand that management reserves the right to require the removal from the premises any animal which is deemed to be a nuisance to the property or other tenants. This will also result in the forfeiture of the $250.00 non-refundable deposit.

__________________________                           _________________

                 Tenant:                                                     Date


[ ]  Approved            [ ] Not Approved                ___________________