What is the Rental Property Periodic Inspection Report

The Rental Property Periodic Inspection Report is a report which informs and documents all the maintenance habits of the tenants. This Rental Property Periodic Inspection Report is used to stop any bad habits or if there is any neglect or any abuse done to the property as a result of the bad habits of the tenants. This is done so that serious and costly damages can be averted before it is caused.

This is done by landlords in different ways. They inspect the rentals periodically and they ensure that good care is being taken of the property as well as they provide preventive maintenance to the property as well, thus ensuring that the property is kept in pristine condition.

The Rental Property Periodic Inspection Report is a complete checklist of the condition and it also informs the tenant that the condition of the property is documented as well as it needs to be dated and acknowledged by the tenant. Once this is done, the tenant is not able to argue the facts which have been noted on the form as this form is signed by them and they are also reminded that the premises are photographed as well as videotaped before the occupancy and during the vacancy period as well. This Rental Property Periodic Inspection Report is used for internal management of property and it is not shared with the tenant. This helps the owner to be informed of the rental condition of the property periodically and at all times.


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Sample Template Preview

Rental Property Periodic Inspection Report

Address:________________________________            Date:________

Exterior                       Inspected                                  Interior                    Inspected

Paint                                                                        Paint

Wood:                                                                     Kitchen

Fascia                                                                     Appliances

Soffits                                                                     Refrigerator Coils Clean

Corner Boards                                                        Sink – No Leaks

Siding                                                                     Bath – Master

Foundation                                                             Sink

Landscape:                                                             Drains

Shrubs                                                                    Tub/Shower

Trees                                                                       Toilet

Lawn                                                                       Bath – Guest

Gutters                                                                    Sink

Water Problems                                                      Drains

AC Compressor Clear                                             Tub/Shower

Other:                                                                     Toilet

                                                                                AC Filters

                                                                                Smoke Detectors Operating




Tenant agrees that no other problems currently exist with the property.

Inspected By:__________________   Tenant Signature:________________