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What are the details of the Release Of Option – Mutual Release

The Release Of Option – Mutual Releases means that both the parties in question have no more claims, contracts, demands, agreements, proceedings or liabilities from teach other. They mutually as well as reciprocally not only forgive, acquit but also discharge and release each other from all sorts of claims including details of incidents that have happened.

The Release Of Option – Mutual Releases once it is signed by the parties ensures that it is binding on both the parties as well as their successors and any personal representatives as well.

This Release Of Option – Mutual Releases is normally singed by both parties in agreement with each other for the compensation which each is to fulfill as well the obligations they are to discharge. The date on which the Release Of Option – Mutual Releases is documented and incase it needs to be presented – it is a valid legal document.

Post signing of this document, neither of the parties can file a case or ask for any kind of payment or liabilities or even can state any proceedings in the court of law. All contracts as well as actions are then deemed as cancelled and null and void as a result of this document which has been signed. This is normally the last document which needs to be signed by both parties before they part for good ensuring that nothing is left on either person’s part and there are no claims which will be made later.

Release Of Option -- Mutual Releases
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Sample Template Preview


BE IT KNOWN, for good consideration, and in further  consideration of the mutual releases herein entered into, that:

______________________________________________________________ (First Party) and

______________________________________________________________ (Second Party)

do hereby completely, mutually and reciprocally  release,  discharge, acquit and forgive each other from all claims, contracts, actions, suits, demands, agreements, liabilities, and proceedings of every nature and description both at law and in equity that either party has or may have against the other, arising from the beginning of time to the date of these presence, including but not necessarily limited to an incident or claim described as:

This release shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors, assigns and personal representatives.

Signed this ____________ day of ________________, 20___.

In the presence of:

First Party

Second Party