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Land Trust


In the law of properties it was found that there were many problems which could crop up. These were with regards the co-owners of the property who were beneficiaries, it cropped when partners disagreed when the property needed

Among Beneficiaries Establishing Co-ownership

The agreement among beneficiaries establishing co-ownership is normally made with all the beneficiaries of a trust agreement of land. This agreement is made with a corporation who acts as a trustee as per the laws of the state.

Alternative Provisions to Describe Beneficial Interests

The beneficial interest is given by one person to another upon their death. In this agreement it is stated that the entire interest in the name of the person, on his death, is conveyed to the beneficiary.

Alternative Designation of Beneficiaries

The agreement for alternative designation of beneficiaries states that if there is just one beneficiary, he or she is entitled to 100% of the beneficial interest. However, if there are multiple beneficiaries each person is allocated a percentage of the interest.

Alta Statement

The alta statement is a statement that is to be signed by the seller buyer or lender in order to declare all that they know about the title or ownership of the property. This statement is helpful in getting the facts about the title of the property

Agreement to Extend Term of Trust

The trust is formed for a definite period of time and after that time lapses the trust comes to an end. There are two types of people associated with a trust- the trustees and the beneficiaries. Both types are required to come to an agreement

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