Certificate of Partnership

What is the certificate of partnership

When there is a trust and this trust applies to all the partners who as per the trust are considered beneficiaries, the certificate of partnership is given. In this agreement where there is a partnership, all of the partners are considered as beneficiaries of the trust and the trust is held and executed by someone else who acts as a trustee. The trustee acts on directions which are given to him or her under the partnership.

The trustee acts on all the directions and executes whatever needs to be done so that the partnership benefits. This is done till the trustee is informed in writing that the certificate of partnership has been revoked. Only it is when the instrument of the certification of partnership has been revoked that this instrument continues in perpetuity.

The other reason why the instrument in question can be revoked is that there are similar instruments or an instrument which has similar import and that instrument supersedes this certificate of partnership agreement and that the new superseded instrument has similar import as this one.

This certificate of partnership document is both legal as well as binding and it should state the city as well as the state where it has been executed and it needs to be dated and it needs to be signed by all the partners in order to be considered as legal and binding and to be enforced.

Once it is enforced it is a legal document which cannot be revoked except due to the clauses which are mentioned above.

Certificate Of Partnership

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Sample Template Preview

Certificate of partnership.
Certificate of Partnership

The undersigned certify as follows:
They are engaged in business as partners and constitute all the partners doing business under the name and style of: _________.
The principal place of business of the partnership is: _________.
The partnership is a beneficiary of _________[name of trustee] land trust number _________ under a trust agreement dated _________. So far as the partnership is concerned, the Trustee is authorized to act on directions given in the name of the partnership and executed by any _________[number] of the undersigned.
The Trustee may act on directions executed as provided so far as the interest of the partnership as beneficiary of the trust is concerned, until the trustee receives at the office of its trust department written notice of the revocation of this instrument or until an instrument of similar import is executed to supersede this instrument.
Executed at _________[city], _________[state].
Dated _________.
[Signatures of partners]