Receipt or Release of Personal Property

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Discussion on Receipt or Release of Personal Property

It means and signifies a situation when a guest in any hotel or motel is unable to repay his or her dues to such hotel or motel, then such hotel gets a right to seize or occupy the personal property of such guest. It is not uncommon for many guests to abuse the hospitality and care of a hotel and in return to deprive such hotel of its lawful dues. In such a event, the hotel gets a right to obtain attachment of the personal property of the guest and not to release such charge over the guest’s property, unless its dues are paid and cleared.

When such attachment over the personal property of the guest takes place either, from out of the two reasons, the guest gets deprived of the right to use, possess and enjoy such property until such time that the dues of the hotel or motel are cleared.

This form signifies and evidences that the hotel or motel has received the payment of dues from such delinquent guest and in turn, the hotel or motel is releasing its charge over the personal property of the guest. This form signifies the relinquishment of liability of the guest to pay to the hotel or motel. Such guest can thereafter repossess his or her property free from the encumbrance of the hotel or motel. This form serves the purpose of being a No Objection from the hotel or motel and frees the guest from further liability.

Receipt Or Release Of Personal PropertyReceipt Or Release Of Personal Property

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