Supporting Schedules-Rooms

Maintaining track record of hotel business with all important categories of distinction

Small hotels offer some of the best services you will come across and one of the reasons is because of the small staff and a dedicated mentality that they work with. Maintaining records is extremely necessary for such places to keep a track of all the cost, employee, revenue, utilities and assets that are there. Thus having Supporting Schedules-Rooms form will enable the smooth maintenance of the work and everything else related to it. Making and preparing these forms are a pain and require attention to details and therefore the easiest way to deal with it, it to avail the benefits of the online platforms providing ready made forms to be used.

The categories included in the forms

Such Supporting Schedules-Rooms forms or documentation records will include several details such as information regarding how many employees are there, the wages, total number of rooms, cutlery, data regarding laundry services, reservations, commissions, revenue gained from the business, contract cleaning and many more. Keeping all these points in mind is difficult and thus it is necessary to have access to platforms that will do all the hard work for you. All these categories and much more will be listed so as to provide the ultimate benefit to the user.

The benefit it provides

Availing these forms is a delight because you get to know all the necessary information and issues that you need to keep a track of so that a proper maintenance of schedules can be initiated. Thus no matter how small the hotel business is, keeping all the important records will always be beneficial and come in handy.

Supporting Schedules-RoomsSupporting Schedules-Rooms

Supporting schedules—Rooms.

Hotel _________

                                        Current Month                                                                   Year to Date


This Year                                Last Year                                This Year                          Last Year







Net revenue


Salaries and wages

Employee benefits

Total Payroll and Related

Other expenses

China, glass, linen


Contract cleaning

Laundry and dry cleaning

Operating supplies

Other operating expenses

Reservation expense


Total other expenses

Total expenses

Departmental income


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