Keeping track records of parking employees for future cross referencing

Parking services at hotels or residential properties are very important. It is necessary to keep a track of all the guideline that outlines the services of an employee or valet to maintain records for present and future references. Especially when it comes to hotel businesses it is necessary to understand that the employment structure and record maintenance of a Valet is necessary. From the date of joining to the expected tenure and everything else that comes in between regarding the employee benefits and salary has to be recorded.

The availability of online form providing platforms

The necessity of such application forms or records can be availed from online services which are platforms providing pre-made forms and document recorders for the ease of companies and hotels that require it. Rather than preparing hundreds of such forms, a simple print out from the online platform will be all that is required to get the records maintained. It will include the expenses, revenue, allowances, pay structure, uniforms and several other required details.

The necessity of maintaining records

Keeping information regarding the Valet you own is necessary not only for you but the employee as well. How much has he been paid and what he owes to the company can be properly estimated in this case and you will never have to go around, asking your employee about his benefits. Moreover the preparation of these forms will be expensive and thus the best thing to do is get them online. Once you have checked the details of the form in the preview, you can simply print it and start using to keep references.



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Sample Template Preview


Hotel _________

                                                               Current Month                                               Year to Date


This Year                         Last Year                               This Year                                    Last Year


Gross revenue


Net revenue


Salaries and wages

Employee benefits

Total payroll and related

Other expenses

Operating supplies

Other operating expenses


Total other expenses

Total expenses

Income or (loss) before charges

to other departments

Charges to other departments

Departmental income (loss)