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Marketable Title

The marketable title is a tile of the property that is free of any kind of defect and belongs in all the way to the seller. The term marketable means that the title or the ownership of the property is good enough to be acceptable by the buyer by all means.


While carrying out the land deals or while dealing in property one must make sure as a buyer that the seller is the rightful owner of the property and there is no other co owner or any other type of

Guaranty of Title

The title of a property or a piece of land that is being sold or bought has to be free of any disputes pertaining to either the title or any kind of prior liens. For this there is also a requirement of a grantor who can give you guaranty of title

Guaranty Clause in Preliminary Report

When a property is being sold or bought the guaranty of the title of the property s to be taken by someone. When the preliminary report is submitted regarding the investigation carried out by the insurer. This investigation is made by checking all the public

Financial Responsibility

Is a law which requires you to prove that you will be able to pay the loan amount back if your mortgage suffers ay irreparable damage and its value comes down to a great extent. This is a great law to protect the insurer from the losses and is important

Failure to Furnish Good Title

The land deals and the property sale and purchase must be a fair deal and there should be no grey areas involved. Many a time the land or the property in question has defect in its title. This must be brought in to the consideration of the buyer before

Failure to Furnish Good Title 2

The title of property is an important consideration while buying a piece of land or property. The title is the original ownership of the land and unless someone is the original owner of the land or property he or she cannot make any deals regarding the property.

Construction Loan Affidavit and Agreement

The loan for the construction on a piece of land requires the owner to produce an affidavit stating that he is the sole owner of the property in question and needs a loan to carry out construction work. The loan in such cases is dependent on the ability

Attorney’s Final Certificate

The land contracts are very important things as they are one of the very important investments made on the part of the buyers. This type of deal must be made according to the rules and regulations of the state and most importantly in the presence

Commitment for Title Insurance

This is the commitment of the owner of the property to the buyer in order to assure the buyer of the ownership of the property. This commitment is given prior to the closing or on the day of closing and is open to scrutiny. The buyer can talk to his or her

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