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Transfer of Title – Warranty Deed

A written tool that transfers asset or real estate property from one individual to another is a warranty deed, and the Free transfer of title-warranty of deed form enables this transfer of title.

Title Certification

Seller shall furnish a certificate of title issued by _______________, showing title in property to be vested in purchaser as of the close of this transaction, subject only to the matters agreed to in this contract.

Surveyor’s Report and Certification

The Surveyor’s Report and Certification is addressed to the insurance company that holds the title and it informs that a physical survey is made of the premises which is mentioned. The details of the property which has been surveyed

Subsequent Advances Endorsement

The Subsequent Advances Endorsement is made by the insurer who states that the insured mortgage and the credit loan agreement which is included cannot exceed the insurance amount and even though the insurance amount is reached

Subsequent Advances Endorsement 2

Subsequent Advances Endorsement is a guarantee which is given in certain conditions and on completion of some stipulations.

Preliminary Report On Application For Title Insurance

The Preliminary Report On Application For Title Insurance states that the insurance company carries the title and there is no liability which is assumed by this which is considered as the preliminary report.

Policy of Title Insurance

When a piece of land or a property has a problem associated with its ownership but still the property is developed and subsequently sold there has to be something to protect the buyer. This is the purpose of policy of title insurance that is meant

Owner’s Title Defect

If the piece of land needs to be sold off by the owner it is important that there is no recorded encumbrance associated with the property. The encumbrances could be any kind of lien, mortgage or judgement that is pending. This is because there is always

Owner’s Affidavit

When a property is bought by someone the owner of the property who is selling it gives an affidavit stating that he or she is unaware of any kind of liens or claims that may be pending on the property. This is known as the owner’s affidavit.

Opinion and Guaranty of Title and of Validity of Mortgage

The opinion and guaranty of title and of validity of mortgage is a document that serves two purposes. Firstly it gives you a legal opinion on whether the seller of the property is the rightful owner of the property in question or not. There is made an examination

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