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Attorney’s Preliminary Report

The land deals are extremely important investments made by anyone because of the money that is involved. This is the reason that this field witnesses the most cases of frauds. The frauds are generally involving the title fraud or fraud associated with the person

Affidavit re Title – Corporation

There are times when the corporation needs to be sold by the owner of the corporation and in those times it becomes imperative for the owner of the corporation to prove that the title of the corporation belongs to the person who is selling it. The ownership


Title is the ownership of the land or the property in question. When a land or the property is sold or purchased there is a transfer of title in exchange of money. This title transfer makes the person who is paying the money the sole owner of the title. Many a time the

Affidavit – Title Undisturbed

If a property is being mortgaged or is being sold it is the responsibility of the buyer or the mortgager to establish that the title of the property is solely of the seller or the mortgager and there is no dispute or clouding of the title by any means.

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