Attorney’s Final Certificate

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What is the use of Attorney’s final certificate?

The land contracts are very important things as they are one of the very important investments made on the part of the buyers. This type of deal must be made according to the rules and regulations of the state and most importantly in the presence of an attorney. Though you may think that in the closing there is no need of the attorney but it is at this time that the most important of all the papers are presented to you for the very first time by the seller and you must make sure that you have someone who s well versed with all the terminologies as well as the procedures. There is none other than the attorney who can handle the situation well. Also, you must understand that it is the attorney’s final report that is going to count in all the deals.

This report is basically about the title of the land or property. The attorney is authorized to search for any kind of exceptions, objections, defects, liens and encumbrances that may be associated with the property in question. Also the final report of the attorney includes comments of the attorney over the commitment of the owner of the property that may have been made in the past with a third party. This may cause a defect in the title and the attorney brings out the possibility of the same.

This work of the attorney can be done before, during and at the closing of the deal.

Attorney's Final Certificate Attorney's Final Certificate

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