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What is Preliminary Credit Application

The Preliminary Credit Application states not only the name and phone number as well as address of the applicant but also the number of years he or she is living there, the payment amounts, the details of the landlord’s name and address, the employers name and address as well as the position being held in the organization. The Preliminary Credit Application gives details of the supervisor and the details of the income as well. This is also added to the details of the co-applicant. They have to then inform of whether they are smokers, if they have willfully as well as intentionally refused to pay the rent or if the income can be interrupted which will cause them problems in paying the rent, the details of the late payments of the past year, details of eviction from tenancy, details of bankruptcy, repossession, details of all the people who will live with the persons, the details of the vehicles owned, the bank account number, type of account, the name of the bank. The Preliminary Credit Application informs of the details of the current monthly payments made whether for mortgages, rent, utilities, car payments, child support, student loans, credit cards and another such expenses. One needs to also mention their previous credit reference, details of their nearest relative who isn’t staying with them. Incase any of the details furnished are considered false, then the seller has the right to discontinue contract negotiations. The credit check permission too needs to be allowed by the applicant.

Preliminary Credit Application Preliminary Credit Application Preliminary Credit Application

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