Mortgage Broker Submission-Lease Options

What does a mortgage broker do

A mortgage broker has a number of responsibilities. He enquires about the financial situation, requirements and objectives of the consumer in relation to the credit contract. A mortgage broker then finds out if the credit product is suitable or not and then the consumer is given a copy of the assessment if they so request it.

Mortgage brokers on learning that the consumer wants to proceed, will help them complete the paperwork what is required. They then liaise on behalf of the consumer with the lender and this includes Mortgage Broker Submission of  loan applications as well as the Mortgage Broker Submission of various types of communication between all the parties and this is continued till the home loan finally is approved as well as it is settled.

The mortgage broker informs the consumer of the process of complaints and this is sometimes also referred to as the Internal Dispute Resolution procedure.

The mortgage broker in addition to Mortgage Broker Submission of forms also helps the consumer with each and every step in the loan process starting with getting of preapprovals for loans based on various conditions including the loan value and this advice continues until the settlement of the loan. The mortgage broker also does health checks on the status of the home loan and also is able to unlock the home equity or the debt or reduce repayments. They also provide various services like refinancing the needs of the consumer and incase there are objectives or financial circumstances that change, they help with those as well.

Mortgage Broker Submission

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Sample Template Preview

The Pinnacle Group, LLC.
Address, City, State, Zipcode
Phone: 254-000-0000     Fax: 254-000-0000

To:        Your Broker / Lender

From:         You or your Salesperson

Re:        Financing (for your prospect’s name)


Can you please take a look at this application to see what kind of LTV you can do
based on his score?

Borrower:         Your prospects name

Social Security #    123-45-6789

Purchase Price:    $149,500

Down Payment:      $8,000

Loan Amount:    $141,500

Property:         1234 Jones Street, Anywhere, Georgia 30005

I am attaching his application which authorizes you to pull his credit.  Please keep in mind that he states he can afford $1,250 per month so can you select a financing
program that allows his principal and interest payment to be somewhere near that figure?  Also, if he cannot get financed today, does he look like a good candidate once
he has a track record of paying for 12 months?

Thanks in advance for all of your help.

You or your salesperson