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When you decide to rent a home or room, it is very important to take a few legal steps. If you want to have a good relationship with the landlord, singing a legal document can prove beneficial. Singing a rental lease agreement should be your first step whenever you decide to move into a home or room. This way, everything will be made clear in the very beginning and you won’t face any issues with the landlord in the future.

Rental Agreement-Generic Rental Agreement-Generic Rental Agreement-Generic

It will also prove beneficial for the landlord as he won’t have any issues with you too. This lease agreement ,between landlord and tenant ,will safeguard the rights of both parties, which will ensure a healthy relationship. It can be a verbal or written agreement between both parties; however, the written form is a much better option here. If the agreement is in the written form, all terms and conditions will be clearly mentioned there, and no party can make any alteration without mutual consent.

If you don’t want to have any friction with the landlord, you should find a rental agreement printable template and make changes in it if required. It doesn’t matter whether you are the landlord or the tenant, you can find a suitable rental agreements printable template easily. Now, we are going to discuss some common issues that you could face if you don’t sign a rental lease agreement.

Problems you could face if you don’t sign a rental agreement

1.) The landlord decides to increase the rent

This is one of the most common issues that people generally face while living on rent. If the landlord decides to increase the rent of the home that you are living in or the land where you are running a business, it could be a problem. It won’t be fair to the tenant if the landlord increases the rent in just two to three months after moving in as it could lead to some issues.

But if you have signed a legal document before moving in, the landlord won’t be able to increase the rent before a certain period of time. This time period may be mentioned in the rental agreement or the land contract agreement that you have signed. If it isn’t, you should make request changes to the agreement before signing it. You can also try to look for a suitable rental agreement printable template.

2.) Tenant is disturbing the neighbors

As we mentioned earlier, both parties can face issues if there is no written agreement. If the tenant plays loud music at night, it could be frustrating for the neighbors. The landlord could get in trouble if something like this happens as it will directly affect his reputation. Such situations can be hard to handle if there is no written agreement, as the landlord won’t have the right to ask the tenant to stop the music.
On the other hand, if the landlord has mentioned this thing in the lease agreement, he will have the power to deal with such a situation. Most month to month lease agreement template that you will find will have such terms mentioned in it. This will ensure a smooth experience for both parties as everything will be clear.

3.   Tenant involved in illegal activities

The landlord could get in trouble is the tenant is involved in some kind of illegal activities. It could lead to some legal issues, which would directly affect the landlord’s reputation. This is something that could happen to anyone, and this is why it’s better to make things clear in the first place. If there is no legal agreement signed, the landlord would be held responsible for all illegal activities that take place in his rental property.
However, the landlord could avoid such issues by mentioning everything clearly in the land contract agreement. This way, if the tenant gets indulged in some illegal activities, the landlord will be able to take legal actions on him.
4.   The tenant has to pay for the repairs
When you rent a home or land, it is your responsibility to take care of the property. You shouldn’t damage anything that is owned by the landlord, as it would be counted as his property. However, if you damage something by mistake, you should pay for the repairs. This is a simple policy that every tenant has to follow, but it could lead to issues if the tenant refuses to pay.
The landlord will be able to take the required actions if there is a written agreement, and this is another reason why you should sign a legal contract before renting a home or land to anyone. You will find this policy in most month to month rental agreement documents, as it is a common problem that people face.

5.   Late payment fees
This policy is very important for both parties, as money is involved here, and it is a monthly thing. Tenants have to pay rent to the landlord, which could be on a month to month basis or even on a yearly basis. But if the tenant is late in paying the rent, late payment charges could be applicable, depending upon the agreement. However, everything should be made clear in the beginning as it could lead to a dispute in the future.
Applying late payment charges depends on the landlord, but it’s important to inform the tenant first. This is why it becomes important to mention everything clearly in the agreement before renting your property to anyone. If you don’t find this policy in the lease agreement document, you should edit it before signing.

6.   Not to paint the room without the landlord’s written permission
If the tenant wants to paint the room he has rented, he should take written permission from the landlord as the rental property belongs to him. Such things are usually mentioned in rental agreements, and it is an important policy for the landlord. So, make sure to add it to the printable lease agreements if it’s not already there. This will ensure a friendly relationship between the landlord and tenant.

7.   The tenant has to keep the yard and other areas clean
Regardless of where you live, you should try to keep the surroundings of your home clean. But things become more serious if you live in a rented home or room, as the property belongs to the landlord, and so does the yard. If the tenant doesn’t keep it clean, it could affect the reputation of the landlord. This is why some landlords prefer to keep this thing in the rental agreement or commercial lease agreement.

8.   Tenant refuses to pay the rent
If you rent a home or land, it is your duty to pay the rent on time. However, you could request more time to the landlord if you have that level of understanding with him. This is something that can be done on the basis of mutual understanding. But when it comes to doing business, the landlord should take the necessary steps to get the rent on time.
If the tenant refuses to pay the rent, it could lead to unnecessary friction between the tenant and landlord. This is the reason why most residential lease agreement or commercial leasedocuments already have this issue covered. Different kinds of penalties could be applicable to the tenant if he refuses to pay the rent.

9.   Frequent inspections by the landlord
Frequent inspections by the landlord could be frustrating for the tenant, and it could lead to some friction between the landlord and tenant. If you don’t want the landlord to disturb you for any construction-related purposes, it should be mentioned in the lease agreement or residential lease agreement. On the other hand, the landlord could also make it clear in the agreement if he wants to keep inspecting his property.
In both cases, mentioning it in the legal agreement would be beneficial for both parties as they will know everything clearly in the beginning. Moreover, no party will have to face any issues in the long run.

10. False representations about the facilities
Another major problem that the tenant could face is the false representation of the facilities by the landlord. If the landlord has promised that he is going to provide parking facilities, the tenant would expect the same. But if such facilities aren’t there, it could lead to some friction between the two parties. However, if a rental agreement is signed between the two parties, the landlord will be held responsible for not providing the promised facilities.
These are some issues that people could face if they haven’t signed a rental agreement such as room rental agreement , sublease agreement and commercial lease agreement before moving in. So if you are planning to rent a home or land, make sure to sign a legal document.


If you have read this article carefully, you might be clear about the importance of rental agreements. Having a friendly landlord tenant relationship is very important if you want things to go smoothly. When you sign an agreement, you should make sure all the common issues are being addressed. You can easily find a rental agreement printable document and add some policies into it if required. Policies such as fixed term with corresponding rent amount and some tenant wants security deposit in their policies.

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Sample Template Preview



THIS AGREEMENT is made this ___________________________ (Date) between _________________________________________________________________, of ___________________________________________________ (Address), hereinafter called Owner, and ______________________________________________________, of __________________________________________________ (Address), hereinafter called Renter.


The Owner warrants that to the best of his/her knowledge and belief the aforesaid property is free of faults or deficiencies which would affect its safe and dependable operation under normal and prudent usage.

The Owner agrees to rent the above-described property to the Renter for a period of _______________________ (Time Period), beginning _______________________ (Date) and ending _____________________ (Date).


The Renter further agrees that the rented property shall [1] not be used beyond any rated capacity; [2] shall not be used for any  illegal purpose; [3] shall not be used in any manner for which it was not designed, built, or designated by the manufacturer; [4] will not be used in a negligent manner; [5] will not be operated by any other person without the written permission of the Owner; and [6] will not be removed from the designated area of use or operation.

The Renter agrees to operate/use the above-described property only at the following location or within the following described area(s):

The Renter hereby agrees that he/she shall fully indemnify the Owner for any and all damage to or loss of the rented property and any accessories or related equipment during the term of this Agreement whether caused by fire, theft, flood, vandalism, or any other cause, except that which shall be determined to have been caused by a fault or deficiency of the rented property, accessories, or equipment.

The Renter hereby agrees to pay the Owner at the rate of $ ________________ per _______________ (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) for the use of said property and any accessories/equipment.  Any fuel used shall be paid for by the Renter.

The Renter further agrees to make a deposit of $ _________________ (Amount) with the Owner.  Said deposit to be used, in the event of loss of or damage to the rented property and any accessories/equipment during the term of this Agreement, to defray fully or partially the cost of necessary repairs or replacement.  In the absence of any damage or loss, said deposit shall be credited toward payment of the rental fee and any excess shall be returned to the Renter.

The Renter hereby agrees to return the rented property and any accessories/equipment to the Owner at __________________ (Location) no later than __________________ (Date).

It is mutually agreed that the Renter shall have the right to terminate this Agreement at any time by payment of one full days rental for each 24-hour period or any part thereof, during which the Renter has retained possession of the property and any accessories/ equipment during the term of this Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto hereby execute this Agreement.

___________________________________        ________________
Renter’s Signature                        Date

___________________________________        ________________
Owner’s Signature                         Date

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