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What are the tenant information which is needed

At most times, the landlord is not known to the tenant and vice versa. Therefore, the landlord needs to ask the tenant certain pertinent questions before allocating the house to him or her. Some of the details are what normally one will ask in the course of conversation but some may escape being asked. The questions which are needed as part of tenant information are:

The name, address, soc. Sec. no, the home as well as work phone numbers including who is it who lives with them including the ages of their children. They also need to know about the pets, how many there are and what kind of pets there are – including if they are reptiles, birds or animals. And if animals, the size and breed. They also need to know if there is a waterbed or not, the number of vehicles as well as the make of the vehicle and the license number. It also consists of where the person works, where the co-tenant works, when they will move in, the current rent they are paying, till what date the rent is paid up and when the rent is due. It also includes details of the refundable deposits which are paid towards the keys, security, cleaning as well as others. It includes details of the furnishings if it belongs to you or to the owner of the building.

Finally it consists of details such as if there is a rental agreement or the lease date as well as the number and name of the emergency contact.

Tenant Information Tenant Information

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