Weekly Property Checklist-Land Contracts

How can you make sure your property is the most attractive to buyers?

When you want to sell your property there is a lot of work that has to be done. The first and the foremost thing is to make the decision to sell your property. When you have made up your mind you must make sure that your property is presentable enough so that the buyers at least want to see it. For this you must prepare a list for the weekly maintenance of the property. You are required to keep the property neat and clean and for this you must do certain kinds of work on the property on weekly basis at the least.

 If you have a weekly property checklist to refer to you will find it more convenient to keep all the work going smoothly. You too can benefit a lot from this weekly list as you can correlate the work that has been done and make an assessment objectively.

Generally the list contains such elements that are very essential for the safety of the property and for the general hygiene. For example the lockbox must be working, in place and the key must be attached to it. For the buyers to find the property easily the at least 5 to 6 signs must be placed around the property as well as in the front yard. Similarly the flyers must be available in plenty and also stuck on the inside of the main window. The lawn should be neatly mowed and cleaned. All the measures should be taken so that the potential buyers can make their decision before they even meet you.

Weekly Property Checklist

Weekly Property Checklist

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Sample Template Preview

The Pinnacle Group LLC

Weekly Property Checklist

Property Address:____________________


____    Lockbox has key and easy to operate
____    Signs up around area of property (5-6 signs)
____    Sign up in front yard        Ours or Agent’s
____    Flyers available/restocked
____    Flyer taped to inside front window
____    Yard mowed, edged, with no trash or newspapers – Not even a gum wrapper
____    Landscaping trimmed and neat
____    Mini-blinds turned open so prospects can look in window (all fully extended)
____    All windows and doors locked
____    AC/Heat Off or thermostat at reasonable setting based on season (AC-85’, Heat-55’)
____    Vinyl floors clean, no footprints or stains
____    Carpets clean and vacuumed
____    Toilets and sinks clean, flushed
____    Windows and window sills clean
____    No dead bugs
____    Kitchen counters, cabinets, sinks, clean
____    Bathtubs, showers clean
____    Shower curtains closed
____    All lights off
____    Closet doors closed
____    Cable TV wires neatly rolled
____    Property Smells new/fresh
____    All screws, tacks, push pins, coins, etc. picked up
____    Overall Appearance Excellent (No Distractions)
____    Mail Box Empty
____    No Broken Windows
____    No Stains on ceiling

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