Gift Letter for Buyer from Family Member

Gift letter for buyer from family member

There is no greater feeling than receiving a gift from someone very near and dear. Planning to buy a home is a dream for almost every person. Owning a house in a decent and nice place is probably the best thing that can happen. However not every one has the same capacity to buy their dream house. Almost every one is found to go through extreme financial constraint in order to do so.

If you are ready to invest in real estate then, what can be better than receiving a gift letter from a friend or family member? Free gift letter for buyer from family member form is a letter of intent that talks extensively about a particular sum of money that is donated to a particular person who wishes to buy home. This letter is generally sent by the donor to the buyer, wherein it is clearly written that for the purpose of buying a home he is willingly donating that particular sum of money to the buyer and does not wish to get that back in future.

The fund is treated as a gift and there would be no formality of repayment. Details about the donor’s name, his bank account number and sum of money is mentioned along with the receiver’s name, receiver’s bank account number and the sum of money that is received by him.

Printable real estate forms are filled up and the whole process is done by completing all necessary formalities in order to avoid future misunderstanding and indistinctness.

Gift Letter For Buyer From Family Member Gift Letter For Buyer From Family Member
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Sample Template Preview




This is to certify that I/we ____________________________________________ hereby give to

my/our _________________________, _____________________________________________
(relationship)                    (name of recipient)

the sum of $________________ in order to aid in the purchase of a home.  This sum is given

freely as a gift and no repayment of any kind will be accepted.  The funds have been/will be given

to ________________________________________________ on ________________________.
(name of recipient)                         (date)

_______________________________________    ____________________________________
(Signature of donor)                    (Donor’s bank)

_______________________________________    ____________________________________
(Address)                        (Address)

_______________________________________    ____________________________________
(City)                         (State)             (Zip)    (City)                           (State)          (Zip)

_______________________________________    ____________________________________
(Phone number)                        (Account number)


We hereby state that we received a gift of $____________ from __________________________
(name of donor/s)

and have deposited this amount in account ____________________ at _____________________
(number)                     (name of depository)

_______________________________________    ____________________________________
(Recipient)                        (Recipient)

_______________________________________    ____________________________________
(Date)                            (Date)

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