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What is the need of Testimonial letter in land contracts

When a company that deals in property is asked for a reference by the potential clients the most common thing that they do is they give the phone number and name of the previous clients. But before they can do so they have to ask for the permission of the previous clients which is a big hassle as many a time the client may not available of is out of town or something has happened and so cannot be accessed for permission. In such and many other situations the company may keep dangling in the idle and lose that very important potential client. So in order to avoid that hassle the clients who close the deal are asked to write a testimonial for the company. This testimonial can be used by the company to show to their potential clients and win their trust.

The testimonial of this kind is important for the property dealer or the company that deals in property as it proves that the company the potential client is approaching for the purchase of property is reliable one and many others have benefitted from this company.

The testimonial letter must consist of what all you think about the property dealer, how the deal went about, how you came to know about this dealer and many other such things so that the new client does not feel that it is fake.

The letter must have your signature as well as the date of signing the letter.

Testimonial Letter Testimonial Letter