High Cost Market Analysis Worksheet

Inspection and overall valuation as essential elements in property dealings

Not very often do we come across such platforms which provide the property buyers with huge facilities. Since inspection and valuation of property is an essential aspect in real estate, prospective buyers can avail a lot of benefits with the help of online forums. In recent times due to the easy access of the internet, online services in the sphere of real estate have begun to flourish. Apart from real estate services, they are also known to provide pre-made sheets which gives out effective details and information to the property buyers and sellers.

Adjust the overall cost property ratio

Cost profit ratio and adjustments in the overall property are few of the essential requirements for evaluating a real estate. Property should be evaluated on the High Cost Market Analysis Worksheet that is provided in such online forums. It should also be mentioned that they are highly flexible in their packages and benefits.

Initiate the estimated cost and valuation of your property

The High Cost Market Analysis Worksheet helps the buyers to initiate the estimated and total expenditure with regard to the property. Adjustments on the basis of wholesale fee, miscellaneous expenses and purchase price can also be made with the help of such analytical forms. Hence the interested individuals have the opportunity to benefit from the printable sheets that are available in such platforms. It is said that the market analysis eventually leaves more scope for profit of the buyers as they stand to be benefitted more on the basis of the excellent facilities and profit making chance. Buyers are at a higher scope for profit and they make it easily into the wholesale business of real estate and its dealings.

High Cost Market Analysis Worksheet

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Sample Template Preview

High Cost Market Analysis Worksheet
C.P.R. (Cost Profit Ratio)

1.                After Repair Value                                                    (+)____________________

2.                Estimated Repairs                                                    (-)_____________________

3.               Rehabber’s Minimum Profit                                         (-)______________________

4.               Rehabber’s Net Purchase Price                                   =_______________________

                  (Line 1 – Lines 2 + 3 = Line 4)



5.                Miscellaneous Expenses            %                            (-)_____________________

                    (____ x Line 4)

6.               Rehabber’s Adjusted Purchase Price                           =______________________

                  (Line 4 – Line 5 = Line 6)

7.              Wholesale Fee                                                             (-)______________________

8.                MAO (Maximum Allowable Offer)                                  =_______________________


Any flexibility in MAO will usually come from your wholesale fee.  Be sure to always leave a profit for your buyer or you’ll soon find yourself out of the wholesale business.