Transfer of Title – Warranty Deed

Allow easy transfer of property title through free transfer of title-warranty of deed form

A written tool that transfers asset or real estate property from one individual to another is a warranty deed, and the Free transfer of title-warranty of deed form enables this transfer of title. A warranty deed grants protection to the buyer as the grantor warrants the fact that she is the legal owner of the property and that the latter is devoid of mortgages and other encumbrances.

The general warranty deed guarantees the title, which means that if the grantee claims the title to be defective, the grantor may be held responsible for the damages. The grantor is bound legally to covenants or witnesses.

A warranty deed contains accurate description of property that is being conveyed from one party to another. Before making the deed, the purchaser must ensure authenticity of the title and include the same in the deed. The deed is then signed according to the state law and in the presence of witnesses. It is then delivered to the buyer. After making the deed, the buyer of the property records the warranty deed in a public records office of the courthouse. Recording the deed announces to the world officially, that the property has been sold between the two concerned parties.

Although grantor or witness guarantees the authentic title of the deed, yet this is no substitute for insurance of title, since grantor warranty subsides if the grantor dies or falls prey to bankruptcy.

Printable real estate forms authorize both parties to read the warranty deed perfectly, before signing it, recording it or making an official statement on it.

Transfer Of Title - Warranty Deed

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Sample Template Preview



The following shall be considered a legally binding amendment to the agreement made between _______________________________ and ___________________________,
dated ____________________, for the sale of ________________________________:

Title to property shall be transferred and given by seller to purchaser on the close of this transaction by general warranty deed ________________ (with the usual covenants of title), with title to the property being free and clear of all liens and possessions except as otherwise provided in this contract, __________ (if appropriate, add: with documentary transfer stamps in the proper amount attached to the deed).

_________________________________________    ______________________
Signature                            Date

_________________________________________    ______________________
Signature                            Date

_________________________________________    ______________________
Witness                            Date

_________________________________________    ______________________
1Witness                            Date

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