Notice Of Termination

How can a notice of termination be helpful?

It has become a common knowledge that while getting into a deal of any kind, one should do the proper paperwork. It will help you settle any conflict with the other party in the future. But what most people do not know that paperwork is also essential for the termination of a deal. When you are about to end a deal due to some reason, it is always helpful to first notify the other party through a notice. For instance, if you want your tenants to leave your property because they did not abide by the terms of the deal or because the duration of the deal has ended, you should send them a notice with the details. It should outline the reason of termination and what the other party is expected to do in how much time. This is not just for the information but as a proof that the tenants were notified for the termination on time.

Another situation where this notice is essential is in the case of an independent contractor. If you had hired someone for a particular task or a job, there will certain terms of the deal and also the duration for which it will last. In case the terms have been violated by the contractor or the duration has ended, you should notify them that you do not wish to use their services anymore. In some agreements there are even terms related to the notice of termination. You should abide by those terms.

Notice Of Termination

Notice Of Termination

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Sample Template Preview

Notice of Termination
Via Certified Mail

                 Customer Name __________________
Customer Address ________________

Date ____________________________

Contractor Name ___________________
Contractor Address _________________

Regarding : Termination of Independent Contractor Service Agreement

Dear ____________________,

This letter is to officially notify you of your termination as Contractor for the job located at ____________________________ under the terms and conditions of the Independent Contractor Services Agreement entered into on the _________day of ________________, 20___, for the following reason (s);

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me at anytime.