What are Surrender Release documents

Surrender-Release documents are signed by the tenants and in these documents there are certain things that are mentioned by them.

  1. They inform that for an exchange for payment of the sum mentioned that they agree to surrender the property which is in their position either on or before a specific date. This includes the fact that they will deliver the keys to the landlord.
  2. The Surrender-Release document informs that they will leave the premises clean and free of clutter, without any garbage, debris or even any kinds of personal items.
  3. By means of the Surrender-Release document, they also agree that they will leave behind any additions or decorations or even fixtures or improvements done on the property.
  4. They agree that the landlord will retain the monthly option consideration as well as any money which was paid by them to him in the past.
  5. As part of the Surrender-Release documents, they also release the landlord, his agents, employees or any assignees from all types and manner of claims which arise out of the law. These are in regard to whether the claims are contingent or pending. It doesn’t matter the period of the claims. It could be from the time of their association till the document has been signed. It envelops and covers the entire period.

This document is signed and notarized by the public notary and it is sealed. The date of the expiry of the commission is also mentioned. This is a legal document.


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Sample Template Preview

Surrender Of Lease And General Release


State of _________________ )

) ss:

County of _______________ )


BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared _______________________ and ___________________________, who being first duly sworn, depose and say that:


  1. We are Tenants in possession of a property located at _______________

_________________________________________________.  In consideration of $________________, receive in hand, and other good and valuable consideration, we agree to surrender possession of the property on or before ________________, 20 ____ and deliver keys to the Landlord, _______________________________.


  1. We will leave the premises in a clean and clutter-free manner, leaving no garbage, debris, or personal items of any sort.


  1. We agree to leave and abandon all additions, decorations, improvements and/or fixtures on the property in their Aas is@ condition.


  1. We agree to that Landlord will retain our option consideration and/or monthly option consideration, and all other monies paid to date by us to date.


We hereby release landlord, his/its agents, employees and/or assigns from any and all claims arising out of law or equity with regard to any and all claims, whether matured or unmatured, whether pending or contingent, from the beginning of time to this date, including any claims in law or equity against the property above mentioned.




_______________________________  ______________________________

Tenant                                                                                                            Tenant



Sworn to and subscribed before me this _________ day of________________, 20____









My commission expires ___________________