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Completion of Work by Owner in Case of Contractor’s Default

If the contractor should refuse or neglect to supply properly skilled workers or any materials of good quality or if the work is not conducted promptly or with diligence or if they fail to perform any of the clauses mentioned in the agreements,

Building Contract

A building contract is the warranty that the workmanship and materials will be quality driven. The builder as per the building contract needs to get a detailed survey for the foundation work as well as for the slab and thus he will be able to avoid the escalation in price.

Bond of Subcontractor

Know all people by these presents that _________ of _________, as principal, and _________ Surety Company of _________, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of _________, as surety, are held and firmly bound to _________, referred to as contractor, in the sum of _________ dollars ($_____), lawful money of the United States of America, to be paid to contractor,

Bond of Contractor

The Bond of Contractor are usually entered into when public projects are to be performed. Though some private projects too may require the same. This ensures that the job is completed properly. The reason why Bond Of Contractor

Bid Depository Rules

There are several bid depository rules. The first rule is that upon receiving the bid for specific projects, it needs to be deposited into the bid depository box and it needs to be sealed so only the bids can be deposited and not removed. The box is locked till the time for deposit has expired.

Application for Use, Occupancy and Building Permit

The Application For Use, Occupancy And Building Permit is made so that the applicant informs the authorities that all the maps and drawings that have been provided alongwith the Application For Use, Occupancy And Building Permit

Agreement Not To File Liens

A lien is the right given over a property as a kind of security for debts that are owed to you. There are different kinds of liens. A mechanic’s lien is a kind of security interest in the property which benefits those people who have supplied the labor or material which was used to improve the property.

Agreement Between Contractor and Subcontractor

The law of contracts governs the Agreement between Contractor and Subcontractor. The reason why there are subcontractors is that when a contractor bids for a large project, it is impossible for him to do all the work by himself and therefore,

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