Work For Equity Questions and Answers

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How to get the Work for Equity benefit?

Work for Equity is an option that requires expertise, knowledge, vision and character to be provided to any employee. It is not handed over on the silver platter but given only to the worthy persons who really deserve it. Employees should be able to earn the credentials for management to offer the benefit. Private firms especially start-ups do extensive interviewing before these options are given to any one. It is because these options give a right over the equity of the company which is crucial. They may ask you lot of questions like

Management would be looking to have a person who can contribute and increase the value of the company. It would be worth giving work for equity option to such persons as they really work like owner for companies growth. Management would also like to judge you on your knowledge of market situations and what kind of Goals and vision you have for the company. If a company sees that your goals match with theirs then you would be considered for equity option.They would like to know the motivation behind working for equity. Unless you had a compelling reason, management will not find attractive to offer you equity option. You should be clear before they can make up their mind to offer equity to you.

In essence, Management is strict in offering work for equity to worthy people so that company is right hands and grows with a vision. To enable this management has certain questions for which they expect worthy answers. The above are just a representative sample but in reality, they may ask a much deeper question to find the right person.

Work For Equity Questions And Answers

Work For Equity Questions And Answers



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